here You'll see some pic's of Maiko an me being in Finland

 Newest Pics at the end of the side (neue Bilder unten)

Ok, but before we`re in finland, let's show you a few Pics from Nuremberg


Maiko in H&M xD

Yeah, that's me on the Way to Maiko xD

*queeez* a baby-flower.


Maiko: It was comfortable!! really!

Banana was happy like a "schnitzel"

The internet-cafe. The owner is.. let's say.. special xD

The kitchen. Sweet, hu?

good morning, sunshine ^_^

HELSINKI 31.07.2008

Heike in front of the Dom and the Senateplace

me on the Senateplace

We on the Observation Tower

Say "Hello" to Melman and Jussi ^_______^


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